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What Our Students Have to Say

Renata Macedo

The courses here are broken down according to the proficiency level of the student. They are self-explanatory, simple and quite easy to follow. Not only has it helped me develop new skills, but also gave me the confidence I needed to perform better at work.

Peter Jones

Loved the YouTube Channel Design course! It has step by step instructions that helped me design a channel that looks great and doesn’t take months to develop. Thanks, Appy Pie, for this amazing course!

Nicola Matera

Really useful courses and simple lesson plans. You don’t have to be a tech whiz or a programmer to learn from them. The courses are structured in an easy to understand manner with right examples so that you can apply what you learned in the course. A big thumbs up!

Martin James

Enjoyed the courses thoroughly! They have really interesting tips along with their course material which makes it fun to learn. Instead of just putting in steps, they have some great examples to help the students gain meaningful knowledge in a practical way.

Livia Mota

The courses are loaded with real world tips so that you don’t just learn theories. What you learn in the courses are easily transferrable to real situations. Great value!

Kevin Miller

I can’t believe all these courses are available for free! The courses have some really cool insights and even as a tech professional, there is a lot of cool things to take back from it. I am addicted to their channel and keep waiting for new courses to go live.

Juan Camilo

Binge watching the courses! They are well designed and are value packed. There are some really amazing courses here for individual professionals also.

Shefa Eram

Diverse topics and amazing business tips. Took their course on monetizing mobile apps and have implemented some of their tips. I can see the numbers improving already and all pumped up to learn more here.

Harry Connick

There are some gems here! Great for value addition to the resume and getting ahead in workspace. Best part, everything is free and am surprised to see no hidden charges!

Cherry Pahwa

I was looking to add new skills to my portfolio, and I am so glad I came across Academy by Appy Pie. There are multiple courses in all domains and there is something for everyone. Doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an expert, there is something for you! Trying to learn as much as I can, and I keep coming back to find something new everyday!