Creating a Function that Returns a Value

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

Programming languages are a way to communicate with computers. They are used to create applications, websites, computer games, etc. There are many programming languages out there, like C++, C#, Java, Python. Different programming languages have different features and characteristics. Some of them even allow you to create different programs on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (and soon Android and iOS).

II: Body

Do you already know how to program? This is your chance to learn something new. All you need is an internet connection and some patience.

Javascript is one of the first programming languages that people learn when they first start coding. It is an easy language to learn. It is not as powerful as C++ or Java, but it does its job very well. JavaScript can be used on almost every platform, so it is good if you want to do web programming only.

The syntax of JavaScript is very simple. Here's an example:


alert('Hello World!');


This code opens a popup window that displays Hello World! This is called an alert box. Now you know how to program in JavaScript! You can use it to create anything you want - just remember that Javascript is not a very advanced language, so it is better to use it for simple tasks. If you were going to make a website, you would probably use PHP or ASP pages instead of Javascript.

Another popular programming language is Java. The easiest way to learn Java is by using the Eclipse IDE. It contains a lot of useful tools that help you develop your application much more quickly. For example, the autocomplete function automatically suggests you which keywords you should write for a certain command. Other IDEs include Netbeans and JBuilder. You can also use the Eclipse IDE to learn the basics of any other programming language, not just Java. In this case, you will be writing the code in one of the tabbed windows and see the result in another tabbed window.

Java is a very popular language because it allows you to create applications for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. You can even create applications for these devices using HTML5 and CSS3 only.

Some programming languages are not meant for beginners. The best language for a beginner who likes graphics is Processing. It is a visual programming language that was developed at MIT in 2001. It has a simple syntax and can be used to create complex interactive graphics very easily. It can be used in combination with other languages like C or C++ to add more functionality to your applications (see photo above).

III: Conclusion

You've already learned how to program! All you need now is practice and dedication. Don't give up! Practice makes perfect!

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