Displaying Heading Text with HTML5

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

I will talk about the programming languages that are used by many people today. It is easy to learn and understand, and very helpful for making web sites. It has many uses.

II: Body

I will tell you about the history of programming languages. Programming languages started in the 1940s. They were developed by computer scientists, who wanted to solve many problems. The first language was called machine code, which was written in binary numbers. Machine code could only be used by computers, not humans. The next programming language was Assembly language, which is still used today. It is made up of words. The next language is C, which was developed in 1972. C is used for many applications today. The next language is JAVA, which was developed in 1995. Java is used for many things today, such as apps for phones and tablets. The next language is PHP, which was developed in 1995. PHP is used for creating web sites. The next language is Python, which was developed in 1991. Python is used by many programmers around the world. It also has many uses for programs for engineering, science, math, chess, etc. The last language I will tell you about is HTML5, which was developed in 2014. HTML5 was created to work with CSS3 and JavaScript. It can be used to create web pages fast and easily. Now you know about many programming languages.

III: Conclusion

Now you know about many programming languages, so you can create web sites easily with them.

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