Welcome and Intro to Coding Technologies used in this course

Lesson Details:
July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Welcome to this course on Programming Languages

B: Cover the basics of programming languages

C: Brief history of programming languages

D: Overview of popular languages used today

II: Body

A: Basic coding language structure

a. Syntax rules

b. Flowcharting program structure

c. Programming language syntax and grammar

d. Coding in computer programs

B: Coding basics and syntax in various languages including: Java, C++ and Python.

C: Popular and in-demand programming languages and their uses in the job market and world in general:

a. Java-used in the majority of technology jobs today, including coding for major companies such as Google and Microsoft. It is a great language for coding and is used for many different types of web-based applications such as games and social media programs.

b. C++ - used in most development companies, is a more advanced language with a lot of structure and syntax rules, but can be used to create powerful business applications and is very popular in the gaming industry. It is also used for many websites and is highly sought after and in demand.

c. Python - used in most schools and universities across the country and is also very popular in the gaming industry. It is a very versatile coding language which has been increasing in popularity over the years because it is easy to learn and is easy to understand and use by anyone (even those who do not have a computer science background). This makes it a great language to start coding with for anyone wanting to get into the technology field.

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