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This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hello dear viewers now I show you how to create LinkedIn account to create LinkedIn account you must have to visit w-w-w ending com then this page will be appear now you have to input some data at first field first name then last name then you have to fill email and password after this you have to click on join now bottom now these dialog box will be appear now you have to verify your phone number at first you have to select your country and fill up your whole number then send code now you will be found a verification message now you have to fill up your code here then after fill up this code click on verify code button now select your country postal code right your postal code on here they next your job title you then Sue's anyone then you have to verify your email address to confirm your email address just open the mail wise is probably good then click on confirm your email you need not to copy/paste just click on confirm your email now I am clicking on confirm your email button after confirming your email address this page will be appear if you want to delete your profile you can go on here and hid it from view your profile thanks for watching.

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