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Video Transcription: In this video I wanna introduce you to a number of note-taking apps simple ones then more complex ones like Evernote or OneNote for the simple ones and this is actually what I prefer I use this one note and by the way I have no business relationship with any of them I just use note this one if you are on iOS there is a note-taking app that actually comes on your phone for free as one of the main apps that just come with your phone as default and it's very simple you see if I click here you will see that on the 4th see this yellow one right here see how simple the interface can be or the third one here that with the purple you basically just open and start writing so the way I use it is when I'm walking down the street if I'm in line at a grocery store if I'm on my commute not driving but let's say I'm on a train or just anywhere out if I have some ideas or I have some time or I want to organize my next day so like let's say I have a little bit of downtime and I'm waiting for something some appointment anything I have some downtime guess what I can schedule my day I can create a to-do list for the next day bring it home when I'm working at home I usually have a piece of paper next to me with the pen so that I can write down my to-do list at home that day and I just kind of sync it with that one on the app and I look did I have any unique original ideas on the app. Can I add an adjusted to my originally made to-do list so what it allows me to do is never lose any ideas because I have a to-do list that I make when I'm on the go and then I merge it with my I guess you could call it master to-do list for that day so that I have the optimal tasks each day and I never forget any good ideas that I have not to mention it saves me time because I don't have to be at my desk to organize my day today and the day ahead and I like this because of the simplicity of interface you just open it start writing essentially the other apps like Evernote if I navigate to that you'll see that it's it's more complicated in its interface there's a more features which is fantastic but you have to actually spend a little more time with it so this is for more for robust users the same thing with OneNote it's also kind of same kind of app it's just for taking notes making to-do lists it's more complicated than the first app I showed you so it's more for intermediate or advanced users so what I would recommend if you're just getting into to-do lists and apps for it what I recommend is just get a simple one once you feel like that simple one is not doing enough for you then you can get into Evernote or OneNote that that would be a natural logical progression long term you want to try all of them so you see what really works for you but just to start and ease into the process of creating to-do lists and actually ID ring to them not just neglecting them then the simple one is just fine the beauty of the simple one is that it's simple and it's easy to get started which is really why I like it.

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