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Video Transcription: This video starts off the section of the course where we're going to actually go from absolutely no idea to generating a business idea for you and we're gonna use this worksheet that you can go through and narrow down and refine your original idea the only case so the one caveat is that we're gonna go we're gonna take a few different videos to go through this and I'm gonna break them I'm basically breaking them the video so that it's easy for you to follow in this particular video we're only going to focus on your industries which industries should you start with and I'm going to give you four criteria your education your work experience your passion or you're interested in learning for example I'm most likely for most people travel as a passion or gift travel as a passion you put travel here maybe if you're like me I got educated in computer science and technology so okay you put computer signs there work with work stuff there right or sometimes you wanna you have a natural curiosity a lot of people have a natural curiosity towards dating or towards making money or towards business or towards philosophy whatever that is for you put that down there and let's let's refine these industries and you know what I'm going to do one more thing I'm gonna add another one and it's gonna be what do you want to surround yourself with I know that's a very broad general statement and it might not be an industry some people might say I want to surround myself with like-minded people that's very common and that's a very good life for you to live is that you you want to be around people who are interested in the same things and you can learn from them they can learn from you it's enjoyable for you and starting a business he is a being that for that business to be enjoyable for you is a disproportionately high priority because it's your business you're the boss you should enjoy the business and it's going to inspire path in you so take at least five different industries if you can pick more industries it's better because we're ultimately going to end up narrowing things down so if you have too much to start but it's okay we're gonna get rid of a lot of it anyway but it's good to have a large scope to stuff stuff to start with so that you are confident that everything you're interested in is getting included in the beginning at least.

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