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Video Transcription: In this video I want to show you the Pomodoro app which is based on the classic Pomodoro Technique where you go 25 minutes of intense focus on and 5 minutes of rest or a whatever time proportion make sense for your comfort level and adjust the timer app it will basically tell you work hard and then it will tell you ok now you can take a break and you set a timer you can get an Android app a an iPhone app or you can even get a chrome plug-in from the chrome plug-in store this is that chrome plug-in it's the marinara Pomodoro assistance you can add it to Chrome and start using it right away and it shows you some cool things it does you can track how many people doors you did when so you can see how you're doing on your focus you can set whatever duration is comfortable for you you can track what you've been doing so you can track am I getting better am I getting worse and pretty much this is how you use it it's right there as a plug-in and if you want to start the timer boom and then you're off so it's very simple to use it's a very simple concept but it's a timeless concept so if you're struggling with focus or time management this is another one of those apps that can really help.

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