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Welcome to the last segment of module four this is excelling with customer service so customer service is very important to your Facebook page because your Facebook page is public for everybody to see you can either make if you do your customer service well or break if you have poor customer service your Facebook page so by using Facebook as a platform to demonstrate your great customer service you're gonna attract lifelong customers as well as attracting customers who visit your page and see how well you treat your current customers so let's have a look at what factors determine excellent customer service on the Facebook there are five really important factors that our response rate response time accepting responsibility authentically addressing the concern of your customer and acting generously let's break these down and see a couple of examples of companies doing this well so response rate is obviously how many inquiries do you address now I've heard that 65% Plus is a good response rate to have for a good customer service company however I see absolutely no reason why your response rate shouldn't be a hundred percent you should address every single concern I feel that your customer posts on your Facebook wall or messages you with this not only helps every customer but it gives your page a lot of interaction giving it a higher value in Facebook's eyes response time is the second strategy let's have a look at golden rivets eight-minute response time to a guy called guy who has a missing t-shirt order from their company they took just eight minutes to reply to guy and they dropped him an email addressing his concern now this looks great to everybody who sees this and sees how quick they can respond to your inquiries if you have any in the future and it's also great for guy who feels like his time is valued and he's actually a valid customer instead of people waiting days to hear responses so accepting responsibilities always a big one to never be defensive and try and defend your comfort point but when you're in the public eye especially make sure you offer an apology such as Pizza Hut here for your mistake because the customer obviously feels hard done by and would feel really great hearing that you actually care about them as you can see melissa has given an emphatic reply once she's heard this apology from Pizza Hut and I personally feel that melissa is now far more inclined to continue zhing Pizza Hut to order pizza the next factor is authentically addressing concerns so here is a person riding on KLM's wall they said hi I have a temporary paper card from Flying Blue membership since 2006 how can I get it converted into a proper KLM plastic card it's personalized and comprehensive response shows everybody who's looking at kailyn's page which is a lot of people how much they actually care about each individual customer they wrote the paper card survived quite a few years winky face we would like to request a regular card for you and just sent you a private message to us for your details all each I thought he's concerned authentically and comprehensively addressed which makes him feel great and once again I'll stress everybody else who's visiting this page can see how much KLM value each individual customer so last but certainly not least is to make sure you act generously for a mistake that you've made earning convenience that you put a customer in now this is Zappos calm and they've actually offered a $50 coupon for this lady Donna who had a bad experience with their business Zappos calm have won many awards for their customer service and they are probably the best in the industry have a look at their Facebook page over there now as you can see it's a post calm just type that in the facebook bar and see how public their awesome customer services and as you can see they're very very generous a $50 coupon was offered Donna then says it it doesn't really help her at all but thanks Zappos came back and said they would just take $50 off the current order basically just giving her $50 in cash for having a bad experience so you don't have to give this amount of money away for every customer but just make sure is satisfied or even more than satisfied and there will be lifelong customers that's basic business you already know that but this is how you can do it in the public eye on Facebook and therefore attract more customers in long run.

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