How to message past customers on Fiverr

How to message past customers

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July 22, 2020

Video Transcription: In the previous lecture I mentioned a really effective strategy to get more sales from your previous customers this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy and in this lecture I just want to add a few points to help you not violate Fiverr Terms of Service okay it's important you do not want to violate Fiverr Terms of Service and here is what you've got to do you can't send a lot of copy/paste messages to everyone the messages you send they have to be personalized messages okay and when you send them those messages don't send them the gig first you ask them whether it's okay for you to send them promotional messages or messages with extra cool new gigs that you have that might help them right so if you you can ask them basically would you like from me is it okay for me to send a new gigs that might help you would you mind and the people who don't mind the people who respond you make a list out of those people and those are the ones that you message and again only original messages don't copy/paste messages people you know don't like that and make it you can get reported to Fiverr and they might have to take some action so it's be careful but once you do have a good list of people you can reach out you can go boom send the messages and there you go that's how you can get more sales from your path clients.

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