Learn SEO Optimization & How to Increase Website Speed

Technical SEO Optimization: How to Increase Website Speed?

Faster website with Technical SEO, UX design & web development using GTMetrix, Google Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights

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Even if you don’t have any coding knowledge you can also increase your website speed significantly. This course will show how to increase website speed dramatically. It includes a range of techniques on technical SEO that will teach you how to increase website loading speed without upgrading your web hosting.  This course is well-organized, logical, and easy to follow.

This course includes

  • Introduction to technical SEO 
  • What is SEO optimization 
  • How to increase website speed 
  • Introduction to page speed test tools
  • How to increase WordPress website speed
  • How to boost SEO ranking 
  • AdSense Ad balancing 
  • Introduction Google Chrome Profilers
  • Page optimization prioritization strategy 
  • Case studies of the performance of different websites   

Course Overview

Page speed is one of the most important ranking factors considered by all search engines. It has a significant impact on how long visitors stay on your website, where you rank in organic search, how many of them convert into paying customers and many more.  When pages take longer than expected to load, it negatively impacts your website’s user experience. Poor page speed results in higher page abandonment and rate as well.  

The course covers search engine optimization basics through to advanced concepts and methodologies that boost your website’s page speed. In this course, we'll cover what is page speed and how it is important for your website, how to reduce the image size and many other minifications that are responsible for website loading speed. 

This course is designed for people seeking to learn how to increase your website speed. Those who can get benefited from this course include marketing managers, business owners, online marketers, marketing consultants, webmasters, IT managers, in-house SEO analysts, and anyone working with search engines or in the search engine optimization and marketing industries.

This course is packed with technical SEO techniques along with case studies that can help you to increase your website speed.  You will also be introduced to a range of tools page speed test tools on the market. It prominently focuses on GTmetrix that provides accurate page speed from Google, and Yahoo.  This course is basically designed for non-technical people to be able to make 90% of the changes yourself and begin seeing results almost immediately.

Who this course is for:

  • Business owners who want better results from their websites
  • Bloggers who want to rank higher on search engine
  • Anyone who wants their website to load faster
What you'll learn?
  • How to improve website speed
  • Introduction to technical SEO
  • Find out how to increase your sites ranking in the search engine results
  • Introduction to page speed test tools

Curriculum for this course
Expand All 26 Lessons 01 Hr 53 Min
  • A working PC, either Windows or Mac
  • Internet access to watch the lessons online
  • No prior experience is required
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