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Video Transcription: This video I'm going to talk about the four different ways that you can source products to sell on eBay and I'm also gonna explain what drop-shipping is so there's four ways to sell products and the first is the most common way and that's to sell items you already own so most people on eBay are selling items that they already have in their house and that what is what the website is originally intended to do to help people sell old things they have to someone else now eBay is often used to sell informational products and this is most commonly seen with ebooks so there are a lot of ebooks for sale on eBay and there's actually a website that I used to source ebooks from called flooded net and they have hundreds of ebooks with complete resale rights so you could simply put them up on eBay now I really don't recommend this because the books are outdated and there's really not much money to be made selling ebooks but I thought you'd find it interesting so then after that we have drop shipping and wholesaling and as I mentioned in the last video wholesaling is the real way to make money on eBay in my opinion now of course selling items you already own is a great way to make money but once you run out of products to sell there's not much you can do with wholesaling you can import products consistently and consistently make money on eBay so now you might be wondering what is drop shipping well drop shipping is a model and how it works is the customer places an order with you and once the customer places an order with you you forward your customers order directly to a manufacturer that dropships and once that manufacturer receives your order from your original customer that manufacturer will ship their product directly to your customer so what this means for you is the product goes directly from the manufacturer to your customer and you never touch it it also means that you get paid from your customer before you pay your manufacturer for the product so you can see why this model is so attractive to a lot of people but like I mentioned earlier it is very very hard to make money drop shipping.

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