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Video Transcription: Now that you have your offer your case study and the offer is on the aggregator site you are ready to do outside promotion the first thing to look into is blogger and influence or outreach that can be youtubers bloggers podcasters whoever as long as their audience and their topic of their content is on the same topic as your product that you're reselling because it has to the product has to make sense for their content and for their customers so they're all be receptive sometimes they'll just say yes sometimes they need an incentive financially try either approach first app ask people for free if no offer you no offer something something maybe finances maybe they are working on something that they need help with something be flexible be creative in how you approach people it will result in a higher percentage of people saying yes you also want to talk look at people who already sell as affiliate products that are similar to the product that you're gonna be reselling okay so people who already sell your competitor's product they could restore you resell your products as well those are great people to look into because they're already doing which we need them to do just for someone else and you gotta get them on your side. Also I would recommend to join either marketing Facebook group so you can recruit marketers or I would recommend joining Facebook groups that are topical for your type of product so that you can promote their directly or get people to promote your product as affiliates in those groups in rare cases you can also promote with publicity publicity is is only for very innovative rare products so if you don't have anything to you a unique unusual that might be not a good potential strategy and of course paying for promotion I have already mentioned it but if you if you pay if you have a little bit of a budget doors really open up to people who didn't want to work with you previously and just how it is so these are the strategies that I would do starting from day one if you want to recruit your affiliates to resell your product given that all this work that we did in the few previous videos is already done and the foundation is laid out so that you can have as high as possible conversion rate and secondary benefits like ranking on those aggregator sites all in place.

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