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Video Transcription: Before you go out and start promoting your affiliate offer everywhere in the web there is one thing you can do to make it more effective and that is wherever you follow people to check out your offer make case studies make a study with few initial people who've done your who started reselling your affiliate offer and show how they succeeded with it because people are like a herd animal when they're not there not when they don't know you and they don't know if they're going to be successful they just not they just don't engage with you they're like well probably not gonna work if they see some people already succeeding with your product then they'll be like oh I wanted to I wanted to I wanted to it's like that it's binary it's it's black and white it's like you know you show some success and people are people start to see that success and then want it for themselves and that's the power of case studies where you can show a complete case study from beginning to end of how one reseller of yours took the product promoted it and how much money they made you can make that and make it into a good case study maybe with a video maybe with a blog post and follow the people to that that can get people inspired enough to start be selling your product and even talk to their friends and recommend it so case studies are huge in this especially when you're new.

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