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Video Transcription: In this video I'm gonna present to you the overall ecommerce strategy that we're going to use in this course and hopefully you'll see why it's going to be so effective and the way to succeed with an e-commerce business is because it's usually very competitive you've got to only do the most effective strategies and you've got to do them really well that's the main key to success in this business and there are some things that are not gonna be in this course very much a little bit but not much like Facebook Instagram Twitter and you might be thinking like well I was thinking to sell on Instagram on social media and Facebook and all that and in fact most first-time sellers they try to promote on Instagram Facebook social media referrals maybe even business cards and fires who knows but the distinction that I want to make is that these are mostly for branding and audience growth but not direct sales and we first and foremost want to capture people who are shopping so we'll focus on SEO because when people shop let's say I want to buy socks I'm gonna go into Amazon or Google and I'm gonna type socks I'm basically going to search and do SEO and that is why the SEO brings us consistent highest quality leads. Who buy that's SEO and that's the difference between SEO and social media and social media people are mostly browsing they might know that you're selling socks they're not buying the socks right now people who are buying right now are searching that's who we want and we're not only going to focus on SEO for Google for your website we're going to actually go far beyond Google because if you think about it Amazon is a search engine Etsy the search engine eBay udemy Apple App Store there's so many or iTunes depending on what you are selling there's one or two really highly matching really good online stores where you can sell your product and you might say well Amazon has a lot of restrictions and all this they take commission sure that is true but this reason and other reasons why you might not want to do business on Amazon almost all the time pale in comparison to the tremendous revenue you can generate from those sites because they are billion-dollar sites they're like gigantic oceans the amount of sales we can generate from our own websites compared to Amazon of course it's like a leaking faucet compared to an ocean and that's why those are extremely effective at generating new sales and really substantial revenue and actually usually it's going to be from free organic ranking on those sites and on Google not ads but we will cover ads in this course as well because there are some good ads like Google Shopping ads are made specifically to capture people while they're shopping. We're gonna focus on retargeting ads people who are warmer leads who've already come to our site and we're gonna examine a few other types of shopping ads so specifically shopping ads not random Facebook ads or not random ads anywhere and one thing about ads you don't want to start running them because they're costly before your sales conversion is high so in this course we're gonna also cover your sales conversion so that people who come to your site buy at a higher rate than they do now perhaps so we'll have that whole holistic strategy in this course higher conversion rates more will get you higher converting traffic and we'll make sure that you're selling on absolutely the most effective platforms for your business so now that you see the strategy we're going for we're gonna prioritize direct sales to maximize your revenue let's go forward with the course.

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