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Video Transcription: The first step to creating an effective program to recruit affiliates is to create an amazing offer something very generous is a very easy to do it's a thing that's very easy to do for example if you're selling a product that's a digital product and typical industry standard commissions are 40% 50% you can go 80% 90% at samos that's double so people will go like wow they'll take a second look that's what you need because in the beginning you have a disadvantage that your new and unproven and you gotta stand out somehow you can also use elements of your products to stand out so food like for example if there's something unique about your product or if it makes if something makes it easier to sell so that affiliates can go hmm this product is gonna offer better Commission's and it sounds like it will be easier to sell then you've got yourself an offer that people will they'll take a second look and that's what you that's the with the offer that's the that's which that's what your goal is not anything more because the next more is what we'll cover in the next sections the next videos.

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