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Video Transcription: As you may have seen on many sites online when people ask you to sign up for their email list usually they entice you with a free ebook or something else for free sometimes it's good if you write whatever you write for and you wait for free like I write all my own content but if you don't like to write some people like to use a website like this free ebooks for life and basically these are something that you can use to download and give away I don't personally use this so I just did the research for this just for the sake of this course but if this one for this one you'll have to read the rights just to make sure it's okay to use on your site you know some of some of the rights are like you can use for non-commercial sites um you can use for commercial sites you I'll leave you to read the rice yourself and they're similar book companies like this online basically all you have to do is just google free ebooks to give away free ebooks to use for commercial use and Google around for that and find it you can find many many ebooks and here if you just you know click around on some category as I did there you can maybe check out this one download it and then boom you can give it away on your site if it has the right right just want to in it to allow you to resell it for free and that's it that's really all that that's really all to it because then you can just use this book to give away as your free giveaway offer when you entice people to sign up for your email list.

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