Introduction to Programming Languages

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September 17, 2020

Video Transcription: Before starting with the Python programming let us have some look at the common topics like but is a program what is a programming language and what are the different types of programming languages this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy first we will start with program now what is a program a program is a set of instructions given to the computer system in order to have some desired output so when we write a program we in fact gave set of instructions to the computer system those instructions are processed or executed by the computer system with the help of some softwares and we end up getting the desired output now see now we need some medium to write a program so what is a programming language it is a medium through which a programmer provides instructions to the computer system that is programmer interacts with the computer system through programming language so the concept is very very simple if we want to convey instructions to the computer system there ought to be some medium and that medium is programming language like in routine life we want to interact with each other as human beings we need a language similarly in order to have an interaction with the computer system what we are required to do is we are required to have a programming language now as far as types of programming languages are concerned basically there are three types of programming languages machine language assembly language and high-level language so see as far as machine language is concerned this is nearest to the computer system now what I mean to say is it is the lowest level programming language that is there Klee understandable to the computer system without translation so if you are going to write a program using a machine level language what will happen is the instructions will be directly understandable to the computer system and there won't be any requirement for the translation of your instructions into the computer language because they are already written in machine language now comes the tone of assembly language in assembly languages what happens is we use symbols and these symbols are called mnemonics they represent the various programming instructions so there are some codes which are called mnemonics and those mnemonics represent some programming instructions now because mnemonics are being used they will not be directly understandable to the computer machine so assembler is required to convert an assembly language program into machine language because as you know the computer needs to have the program only in machine language because only then it will be able to understand it so assembler is sort of a translation software that will convert an assembly language program into machine code now high-level language high-level language actually in this kind of language the instructions are written using English like language right a translator software interpreter or compiler is required to convert a high-level program into machine code now the point is very simple because high-level languages the program's will turn in high-level languages they are in English like language now as you know the computer machine cannot understand the English language directly so a translator is required to convert that English like language program into machine code that is high level program into machine code so such translator softwares are of two types interpreters or compilers no see is Python interpreter based or compiler based a Python program is first compiled to get byte codes these byte codes are then interpreted by a virtual machine software source code with extension dot py is compiled into dot pyc fight now this P by C file is nothing else but this is the byte codes now byte codes they can be understood by all the I'll compare all the computer machines even though they are using different platforms these byte codes are interpreted by C Python so c python is the is the is the main software which will be interpreting byte codes and subsequently they will be executed so in a way we can say that Python uses both interpreters as well as compiler so it's interpreter based as well as compiler based because as I have explained first the program is compiled right and after that it is interpreted by a virtual machine software.

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