Setting the Python interpreter for Pycharm

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September 17, 2020

Video Transcription: This is Anand Mahajan your instructor for this course of Python now in this short lecture I am going to tell you how to set up the Python interpreter in PyCharm this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, when you have installed PyCharm for the first time and you will start it like this this is it because unless you setup your Python interpreter your programs will not execute so this window will appear for the first time right so here you will go to configure right the first option is settings you will click on settings and in settings you will go to this option project interpreter see this on the Left panel you will find many options and you will go to this project interpreter in project interpreter you can see project interpreter it's showing no interpreter you will click on this button right then click on Add then go to system interpreter write in system interpreter you are saying that it's showing the path in C Drive or whatever is your drive users the name of the user in my case the name of the user is Mahajan's in case of your computer's it could be the username that you have given then there will be a sub folder AppData for the sub folder local then program then python and python whatever version it is like in this case it is Python 3 7 - 3 2 then - lastly the main file exit row file which represents Python interpreter is Python dot e XE right if you cannot find this you can do one thing you can click on this ellipse this one and you can go to the folder that I have told you and you will ultimately select Python dot IX e right after that you will click on OK right now you can see in project interpreter it's not showing no interpreter it's showing Python 3.7 it's the version then click on apply click ok now all the Python programs they will be successfully compiled and executed. 

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