Setting the value of environment variable 'path'

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September 17, 2020

Video Transcription: This is Anand Mahajan your instructor for the course of Python see in this lecture I am going to tell you an alternative that can be used to run Python programs this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy, most of us prefer to use an ID like pie charm but if for any reason you don't have any IDE still you can run your Python programs if python is installed now how to do that first what we will do is we will go to computer and after that C Drive and users within users you will have the username that you are right login dean so my username is Mahajan's yours will be whatever you have given so it is Mahajan's in your case it will be your username now after that click on this bar and press you can press backward slash and after that you will give app data right then press enter app data is most of the times this is the hidden folder that is why I have told you to type it yourself after that you will go to locals in the local folder you will find another folder with the name programs double click on it then you will find another folder pythons double click on it then it will be your python version like I have this folder Python 37 - 32 double click on it and this is the folder that we will be setting as now we will be using in the path environment variable I will just tell you in a while how to set the path ok so here I will show you a file which is an up Keshawn Python dot exe this one this one Python dot exe now this is the Python interpreter this Python interpreter will be used to execute your Python programs okay so go to the address bar select the whole path then press control C in order to copy it on the clipboard because I am going to use it in the control panel and after that close it now go to control panel start control panel then choose system and security right after system and security choose system ok then choose advanced system settings advanced system settings after that you will find a window and in this window you will find a button with the prompt environment variables environment variables these are the variables belonging to the operating system that you are using and they help in different tasks when you when you work in software's or programming languages click on environment variables then go to system variables box system variables here you will find an environment variable with the name path double click on it you will see the various paths which have been said what I will do is I will go to the last press semicolon without giving any space after semicolon I will press control V so that the whole path that I had copied will be pasted here then click on OK ok that's it ok right now see my purpose of setting the path is so that I can go to any folder and I can execute the Python program what I will be doing is I will show you in the next lecture I'll be writing a small program in notepad and then I will go to the folder where I have saved the program and by using that Python application file a Python dot exe I will be executing the program on the console. 

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