Your first program in Pycharm

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September 17, 2020

Video Transcription: Now in this lecture we are going to write our very first program in PyCharm this video is brought to you by Appy Pie's Academy, so this is the PI charm that I have pinned on my taskbar when I will click on it pi charm is going to be opened so because we have installed the community version it's PyCharm community okay so now what I will be doing is I will be clicking on create the project and when I will click on create the project so this is the default path which has been set for saving the Python programs I am going to give it the name hello Mahajan then click on create ok this project will be created a project is nothing else but it can contain many Python programs so that is why we call it project because project can contain multiple Python programs so in the beginning some processing is taking place which is creation of virtual environment it's going to take some time after that we will be able to write our first Python program so let's wait virtual environment is being created ok now click on close so this is our project name of which is hello Mahajan I will press the right mouse button over here then go to new and now choose python file because we are going to write Python program so choose python file click on it it will ask for the name of your Python file always remember python file is always stored with the extension py you need not give this extension py it will be automatically suffixed so this is at know you can so now I'm going to use the very common statement of Python that is print print is a statement which is used to print something on the screen if you want to print string as it is that is a string constant it should be enclosed within quotation marks so I have written written with print within parentheses I have written hello margin computers within quotation marks and in the next print statement I am going to write within parenthesis Kurukshetra Haryana India that too in quotations so we are not supposed to terminate the statements with semicolon as we do in C C++ and Java so the first print statement will print hello Mahajan computers and the second one will print Kurukshetra Haryana India go on run then click on run okay so when you will click on run it will ask for the name of the program I have click on first yeah see the program has been executed see at the bottom hello Mahajan computers Kreuk Chaitra Haryana India so this message has been printed as output and this is the output of these two print statements that we have used in our Python code so congratulations this was your first Python program. 

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