How to Choose Between Android and iOS Platforms for Your App

Release your app on iPhone or Android Pros and cons to help you decide

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December 14, 2019

this the course is brought to you by  Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video we're going tocontinue talking about the launch of your app specifically we're going to talkabout should you launch on iOS first Android both or single when you're firsttesting I recommend that you just launch from one because you just want to getthe kinks out of the general usability of the app and get the bugs out and thenwhen the bugs are out when you've tested and iterated then you can pour what's calledport a lot of the futurism code onto you know the exact code won't won't gobut the approximate features will be easy to port because of the developerwon't work from scratch they'll work from an existing model and the featuresthemselves won't have to be iterated on because they already have been provenon one platform so in my case I launched on Android that allowed me to releaseup to a few times a day and gave me a really fast ik ability to experiment veryfast and with that ability I was able to find features that are that areworking and then I just slowly updated my iPhone app on him and I spent I spenta lot less time with it and it was a lot cheaper in terms of resources but theapps and that I've been approximately the same but just had two different codebases so I recommend initially just one platform to innovate and iterate andimprove the app and then once something works poured it to the other onegenerally, you'll get more downloads on Android but many of the downloads willbe in countries that are less affluent and because they're less affluent theyusually cannot afford to pay for your in-app products or in the ads that youmight serve to them might not be as lucrative so iOS will get you actuallyfewer downloads but it's pound for pound more lucrative and you might end upmaking more money from your iPhone app so if you want big numbers big growthAndroid you want revenue the emphasis might be on iOS and I'll just leave youwith one more point that some people might argue that you can use software thatmakes your app into both an iPhone app and an Android app I have neverpersonally used that software I made mine from scratch so I don't have directexperience with that but my understanding of the feedback that people give fromthat software is that in the fine details of the Android or iOS that softwareit doesn't it makes the app like 80 percent good but it doesn't give you thatnative feel that you would get if you program your app in its native platformlanguage so I would say if you want to have a serious business and it for your the app I would stay away from the software that makes you know one code base makesand into an Android app and an iPhone app and I would have two code bases one specificallyfor each but so that you can make the app have look and feel of the nativeplatform whether it's Android or iOS.

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