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Apple search ads introduction

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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I want to tell you about a relatively a new feature from Apple and this is search ad now you can pay to get up in the top of Apple App Store search results in right now they even give as you can see right here 100 free credit all you have to do is just get started and sign up and the way this works is kind of like if you think about Google you know when you make a Google search you see a bunch of ads that come up first in fact I'll do that for you so you can see it I search for the business plan even though I mistyped it here it will still be you see like this is an ad like this is an ad this is an ad and you can see it because it has a little bit of a right here it says ad and so the first four things are at and I don't even see the actual organic result and this is what you can recreate for the app store with your an app you can get your app to be the number one and always when these things are new few app developers jump on it so the ads become really cheap per download per install really cheap because you have little competition long term you'll have more and more competition it will become more competitive and you can boost your downloads with the ads but only with one caveat and please take this caveat seriously that if your app is not competitive in engagement that boost in downloads won't help it to rank much higher you only get a benefit of ranking higher if you get more downloads and then those downloads engage with your apps really well better than with your competitors then you will get an amazing almost like a one plus one equals three where you do search ads get from that then that traffic has good engagement and boost you in surface also that you naturally rank for organic keywords and then you get more traffic from the organics ranking that you're not raking higher so this is the right way to do mobile apps ABS if you just jump in before your app is really ready you'll get some downloads but I don't know that there will be a whole lot of amazing things that will happen from those downloads other than helping you test and see what they do on your app but you'll only really get the great benefits from the downloads once your app is really bug-free really easy to use really use people amazing benefits all these things that I've been talking about him throughout this course.

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