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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hi there so in this lecture we're going to look at some analytics tools you get kind of two analytics tools I'm going to look at Android here and I'm gonna use flurry which is pretty much industry standard analytics cool and I'm going to use actually the free tool that Android provides us let's look at androids let's look at flurry analytics so I kind of track a few of my Android apps here my business coach app is the popular one here analytics report let's go to that and what we want is there's not a lot of interesting things like these errors you can get them in a but there's a lot of these metrics that they give you and for my taste I find that there are better places to get them for example the errors I have in my apps I have like a different place to get the errors I have like a special error reporting thing that is more direct you know events I don't really track any events it's gonna I don't really have anything user acquisition you know whatever I know how many users find the app it's pretty much App Store search and you know I have Google Keyword I have the keyboard tools and all that for it so healing so let me tell you what I like to track and by the way I haven't made updates to my app for a while so none of the metrics here will really be impressive they're mostly just gonna Plateau or whatever but you know I like to experiment with session length you see here because you always want to have longer sessions and you will see that even though a lot of people so zero to three seconds right they just basically open the app by mistake right these guys don't really count 3 to 10 seconds I think they probably same thing or they got confused these are like probably real sessions and what I want to do generally is you want to have these three that up to 30 seconds that 30 seconds to 30 to 60 seconds and the one to three minutes see the one to three minutes these are the ones you want to improve and then look at this by the way one note that's very important these are niche-specific so if you're in games people usually play games for a long time right if it's a good game so my app is a business app they don't dare they don't you know it's like it's a utility basically you use it and you get out and so my session links wouldn't be that high but check it out I have some people using the app so for over 30 minutes and I don't even know what they're doing I guess they're watching my videos on it because I embedded my youtube channel but I mean that's pretty impressive for a business app and I guess they're reading I guess they're working on their business plan these are the extremely good users same thing with these guys 11 10 to 20 minutes I mean anyone in these last three I really want to track it and I really want the curve here I wanted to skewed more to the right and every time you make a change to your app try you know if it's something that you're trying to like get your engagement higher these are this is one of the session length is a really great metric I also like the frequency of use again from my app it's not a you know it's not a frequent use app but for some apps is really important I also like the retention this is a little confusing so it doesn't look and completely correct sometimes it's hard sometimes it takes a while to read into it but you know I have 4.5% returning people from May and I'm filming this in June so I don't know if this is I guess it's the maybe you would be accurate because a lot of the people they want to start a business and then they kind of quit right like oh I have a business idea and then they don't follow through with it so I so a month later a lot of them aren't into the business anymore so that could be attributed to that and for most apps this number should be higher this is a real low number which is not good and then another thing I wanna show you is your audience now here's where this tool falls short so let me show you so age right it's gonna show me that look at this here thing on the right six users known age and almost 400,000 people unknown age so for some things this tool falls short so what I like to use you know is the Google's data that it provides I'll show you in a second but just to stay here what I really find value with Fleury and this tool is flurry I find the value here with the usage and the retention and the session links all those that's hard to measure that's hard to track for you individually and so I like this tool for that I really like it and you always want to be increasing those metrics if you make changes try to make changes that increase those metrics and over time it will help you quite a bit you'll rank better you'll make more money you have better customers all that kind of stuff now let me show you what you can get out of the Google data to provide the Google provides so this is my own dashboard for my apps right and let's go to my business planning app it says I have four hundred and thirty thousand downloads on this app the reason for that discrepancy because flurry said I had three hundred and ninety is because I didn't install flurry until I had something like forty thousand downloads so that's why I flurry doesn't know about my earlier download anyway let's go into the details of the app and see what it can tell us so you can tell the country right so you can tell like United States at 37% UK India South Africa so you can tell like literally what my top countries are and compare that to the industry standard here on the right and you can break this down by of course you know daily not daily let's go there installed by user or by device so let's see what my daily is like and you can see daily I have 500 sometimes it gets up to 600 sometimes it's on some days just just too low so basically it oscillates between five and six hundred downloads which is nice not it's not the greatest but it's nice and plus I don't do any outside promotions for it so it's all free from the app stores and then you can tell other things like here about my app and where's the other thing I was looking for oh yeah here you can tell the language here it for me it's English because it's only English only app device is interesting they also don't tell you the age right just like Fleury didn't but anyway so this is the kind of stuff you can tell from your this is built-in so every developer has this and Fleury you have to install a certain little ape a code of theirs so there's a little bit of an installation process whereas this you just get in every app Android app one Google Play.

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