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Should you hire an agency or a developer to build your app

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December 17, 2019

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So there's this common scenario where a non-technical person gets a really good idea for an app or things they have a good idea for now we don't know should they hire a developer or a web development agency big a question that a lot of people face so first of all hiring is very expensive a developer will cost thousands of dollars an agency will cost tens of thousands of dollars it's all going to be out of your pocket or the pocket of somebody who cares enough about you to help you with that money which you don't want to lose their money or an investor which you also don't wanna lose that money in any case you don't want to lose the money right that like of course big risk here's my suggestion almost no one takes me up on the suggestion but I have to suggest it anyway I would suggest that you learn to code it's gonna take you longer your app isn't gonna be as good at in the beginning we and by the way, udemy has great courses to teach you how to learn to code I didn't take those courses so I have no incentive to promote them but I think a udemy is like a great place to learn to code actually and there are many deaf communities that I have used again I have no incentive to promote them like Stack Overflow where if you get stuck on something people will help you it's a community site so it's not easy if programming is hard but you know it's easier than spending tens of thousands of dollars or risking them right in my eyes anyway so I recommend trying to learn it's hard it's frustrating I know but there are good resources and what's going to happen is it will empower you long term and next time you have an app the idea you can just make it next up you just make it next app you just make it I mean that's a hundred thousand dollars you would have to spend right and that's not even saying about you make the app but that's just launched right after you make the app you have to improve it improve it change it improve it that's like hundreds of thousands of dollars ultimately I mean in my apps I made hundreds of updates to them. I had you know I programmed it luckily but if I had to pay someone it would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars I there's no way I mean right so the math doesn't make sense the financial math doesn't make sense a lot of the time when you hire someone and it does make sense when you make it on your own and just to explain let me explain to you how a typical agency experience may go for you this is very common they give you a financial estimate right and this may be the same for a developer or an agency so let's say they say twenty thousand dollars you say great they get you know in three months it comes in three months and they're saying well guess what it's not done yet we're gonna need another two months and five more thousand dollars what are you gonna do if you say no then all you have is a heap of code and no app right so you kind of almost are forced to say okay here's five more thousand dollars then they're gonna come back oh we need two more thousand right so maybe you see they gave you an estimate of twenty you'll end up spending close to thirty thousand it's typically how they work because they know you're super stuck you're relying on completely on them and you have another choice because you can go to another developer and say hey can you use this code maybe you can you know to pick up where they left off if they'll probably say oh my god I don't want to look at other people's code I'd rather just program it from scratch and you'll be like well from scratch it's like from zero I mean you'd have to throw away all that money so it's not a complete scam but it's scam ish that is very common in this an industry that I've seen a lot about developers get you to know to get stuck with like a situation like this when they hired agencies you do get a really nice product in the end, if you hire a professional agency but you know it's expensive and you have to think about the costs I mean I know you're excited about the app but there are serious costs right and like I said the app launch is just the beginning you'll have to save your money so that you can continue to improve the app and promote the app and get other kinds of help maybe you know so you really want to save your money so my recommendation if you could try it try to learn to code it's hard but it's not it but it's doable if you put your mind to it and it will really long-term I've seen people where I've had this conversation years ago and then like a year or two later they're like wow I wish I'd learned to code when we talked so many times that happened and you know so anyway that's my personal advice from dealing with hundreds of people who are in the mobile app space a lot of the non-technical and I really I really understand them because I talk to them before they make their app after you know when they hire will they go through I see it all and this is my from based on that this is my recommendation to you here.

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