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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series with this part of the course we're going to begin talking about how to set up ads to get app downloads many people ask should I run ads on Instagram on Facebook where should I run ads and my answer is simple to run app ads on native platforms, the word is the most natural for people to download your app that is the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store that's where people are already browsing to download apps it's the most natural place for them secondary places are everywhere else Facebook Instagram but you don't even have to go there because you can potentially get so many downloads from those app stores you don't necessarily even have to go to next places which makes your life easier and so in the next few videos I'm gonna be walking you through first how to set up your Android ads and then after that how to set up your Apple App Store ads now there are two strategies that I want to go over with you the strategy one is the most common-sense strategy running profitable ads that cost you per download less then you get the revenue per download very easy right you if your revenue per download is 2 cents and it costs you one cent to get the app then it's a profitable ad yeah very very simple self-explanatory and self-evident but there's another strategy which is less self-evident but can have much further if effects and that is unprofitable ads that are profitable long term how does that work so you can lose money let's say you get revenue 2 cents per download but maybe you spend 5 cents per download to get in your ads these are just made-up numbers obviously these are numbers that are different for every kind of different app so you spend 5 cents to earn 2 cents if you do this long enough you lose all your money but the thing is that they can help you get more users in your app more engagement more reviews and more of every other type of ASO signal and then you can begin to use those ASO signals to rank high in the app store search organic search and then, of course, you'll rank higher in App Store search and you'll get a lot of new downloads organically for free that you wouldn't have otherwise gotten and because you will get all these organic downloads long-term and you will stay ranking all those extra downloads from which you earn the average of two cents they'll add add add add add in the long term your app ad strategy will be profitable long term but you have to take the hit in the near term and there's no particular guarantee that it's going to help you rank but there's a big the chance that it's going to help you rank higher so it's a riskier strategy but in any case, those are the two strategies that are available to you when you run ads so starting with the next video we're going to begin setting up your ads first, we'll do the Android and when we're done with that we're gonna go over the Apple App Store ads.

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