How to Find Great & Competitive ASO Keywords for Your App

ASO for competitive keywords

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by  Appy Pie aspart of our Academy series in this video let's talkabout what to do for ASO in case you are in a very competitive niche and guesswhat almost every app is in a very competitive niche today any kind of photoapp game app Fitness business social music give and stating you get the pointit's all incredibly competitive you're going to compete against million andbillion dollar apps so the first strategy is to niche down and find easierkeywords if you feel like you're fluent with keywords and you got it just bearwith me, this is for people who maybe are still struggling with the concept of keywordsit's gonna be a tiny bit repetitive I apologize but it's for people who arebeginner at keywords so essentially if you're a photo app well you're not gonnabe able to compete for the word photos so you're gonna go into like if your appis a nature app, for example, you're gonna go into nature photo and maybe if it'sa specifically a photo app for birds and animals but like not all nature butjust birds and animals or something like that or maybe some kind of technique ofphotography then maybe you will target birds and animal photo because at leastyou'll be able to rank for the less competitive keywords another example thosegames well game app is impossible right so maybe you have a running game that'salso impossible there's like thousands and thousands of runner games out there maybeyou'll do like cute animal runner game and you'll have different character zoneso maybe you'll rank for keywords like graphics and fun and maybe just creativekeywords that apply to your specific game now of course ultimately all of uswants to target the big juicy keywords so what is the strategy to do that wellthere's no shortcut you're gonna have to have an incredibly sustained effort onthings like getting legitimate good reviews from real users and of courseyou'll ask everyone you know that you ever meet but also from the actualusability of your app from the app quality from the app engagement and more andmore downloads you're gonna focus on you're gonna consistently focus on boostingevery possible quality metric so that is going to influence your ranking andyou're going to need an ad budget you can run ads Android native ads in AppleAppStore native ads that appear directly in the app store so if you asklike how do I run Facebook ads you might not need it because you actually canrun a ton of ads on android natively and iOS I'll actually walk you throughsome part of that later in this course but generally you can run ads and thoseare relatively cheap ads to get app downloads but still, it might be at a lossbecause revenue per download is quite low for most apps so even at a loss ifrunning ads helps you get more engagement metrics and ultimately rankhigher in App Store search for competitive keywords then the organic downloadsyou'll get from ranking might compensate for the lost revenue you spent on adsbut for competitive niches, you can bet that your competitors are running ads orhiring influencers or spending some amount of money and the long term really thefocus is really sustained hard effort if you're not prepared to do it or somepart of your app just has a dead-end like maybe you can't keep programming it maybeyou cannot keep paying a developer if we are being realistic it's ultimatelynot going to be that easy to rank because other competitors will keep onimproving and keep on outdoing you and so you have to keep up so you got yougotta be able to put a very long-term sustained effort and there's no untilwhen it's indefinitely until you win you don't stop until you win and that'sthe situation with the big keywords.

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