How to Make a Podcast & What is a Podcast? - Learn Online


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December 17, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series if your app is not a game and you decided to spend a lot of extra effort and create a regular YouTube channel around your content whatever the keywords you want to rank for just have a regular show maybe and if there's a lot of talking a lot of those videos may be all you can take the audio of those videos and with none or minimal editing you can turn that also into a podcast on iTunes and stitcher radio which are the two biggest podcast distribution platforms and then you can get an immediate boost in listeners and viewers right you already have the viewers on YouTube now you'll have the listeners and podcasts are huge also podcasting is also a very large source of potential people who consume the free content and then maybe you find all the tell them hey get my app and this way as you build your YouTube channel and your podcast and if some these are things as you continuously make content these are things that actually keep on growing organically they grow grow grow and so even if you start small as long as you put in the time to not only create them but also promote them you'll be building on traffic and every day you'll get more and more traffic and every week and every month and then after that some of that traffic regularly every day will go and get your app so you'll be boosting an extra daily download like you'll be giving your app an extra daily download total for free from YouTube and podcast and it's gonna help you start beating stronger and stronger apps in the App Store and Google Play in search.

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