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Free vs paid apps : how much should you charge for your app

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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series so how much would you charge for your app should be well first of all should it be free or paid and then if it's paid how much should you charge well if you depend on the App Store to get the majority of your download most likely your app should be free in the next lecture I'll explain how to monetize your app if it's free in this lecture I'm going to talk about the paid price point okay so if you here are when you should have a paid app if you can generate downloads from another source let's say you have a big YouTube channel or the email list or something or another big website where you can just follow people to get your the app right a lot of traffic from anywhere well then you don't need to rely on the App Store as much and you can make money immediately by you know charging upfront for the app right instead of getting free users and then having the headache of figuring out how to how to monetize them so if you say again if it's free if your app stores if your downloads are gonna come from the App The store mainly paid if you have a large source of traffic consistent traffic regular traffic from somewhere else right that sorts of how I like to keep divided this so let's say you charge for your app right well $0.99 is the minimum sometimes you want to still get a large volume of downloads if you're after volume because maybe you want to influence search engines like the app store search engines or whatever or you know $0.99 is good $1.99 is also good $2.99 is the top tier of what's considered cheap app prices yeah after that perception is gonna say okay this app is no longer cheap okay that's the app store perception it's not a real perception I think was $2.99 is still pretty much negligible money if you're living in America and you almost can buy anything without any more right but maybe a couple maybe a little bit of like some grocery but that's it like half of something and anyway you right but in app stores this is considered cheap and above that people are like oh this is a little bit expensive now right the 399 price point is a skippable one it's like no-man's land $4.99 is a good one next is $9.99 and if you can't get there quite and you feel like it's not worth $9.99 or you have a hard time charging that much then $6.99 or $7.99 is it's a kind of an expensive good app price and again $0.99 is a little bit of a tricky price because of a few people are gonna want to pay right but this is the lowest amount of that you can ever charge $0.99 right so it's kind of like it's a no-man's land because again few people will pay but you're only but the ones that do you've gotta extract as much the money of them as possible but you're only charging 99 cents and soon after that is you can see people start feeling like you're charging expensive prices and just get mad at you or something right and leave bad reviews like oh it's too expensive what a ripoff so the app store pricing is very complicated because that user is trained in a very strange way where they think $5 is explained is expensive I mean work hard you're gonna extract a lot of money from such a person right there are tricks and we'll get to it and the next the lecture is gonna it's gonna have to do with making money from users from the inside of the app.

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