Growth Hacks to Increase & Spike in Mobile App Downloads

Growth hack to get a spike in downloads, make more revenue & get featured

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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series another hack I want to show you that will help to increase your app downloads is to create a sale and the sale can be either a discount for a paid app or a discount for an in-app purchase and then post that sale on online discount websites and there are so many places that have online discounts for example if you don't know what they are you can search for online discount sites and you will see a lot of websites that have deals 13 bargain web sites that are cheaper than eBay websites where finding deals online and what happens is you want to look at these like Brad's deals offers calm and some of them will not allow you to post your discounts but some will for example RetailMeNot we're gonna click on that one and it's going to well you should this one you'll probably need to log in to post but as you see on the bottom here you can say submit your coupon and you can submit your deal that you are running and so some of them are what's called user-generated content where customers come and post so that's very good for you so you can find all kinds of general sites where you can post your discounts for within your apps and this will give you another way to promote your apps and you can you know for apps you can kind of run this every month every few weeks so pretty frequently and then, of course, there's also Facebook groups and social media communities for example if you go to Facebook what happens is you can you know like udemy discount you know you can see a lot discount and if you know discount community courses discount group so you can find a lot of groups if you want a discount you can Kindle discounts so you know Amazon Kindle books remember national sales so if whatever your niche might be whether it's exercise fitness cooking making money online games there's a lot of discounted sites where and groups online on Facebook where you can post your discounts and right away when you create discounts and promotions and sales on your on your app it gives you this extra new opportunity to promote your discounts.

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