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Worksheet and example: Runner game keyword research

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December 14, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series in this video I'm going to give you a worksheet and an exercise and an example for keyword research for a runner game it's a very popular genre of apps and so I decided that will be very helpful for many people in this in this course to have exactly this topic goal with keyword research and it should be your goal is to identify the most keywords because the more keywords you identify the more potential traffic you're going to get you're gonna be able to rank for more keywords and with more ranking for more keywords is more traffic are you gonna try to rank for all of them probably not all of them but in this exercise we're just collecting the greatest potential of keywords so that we have the greatest choice so that we set ourselves up for success now the way to follow me here is you see on row 2 I have categories geography problems people have solutions and I'll have a lot of categories here that we'll go through but in each one for some things sometimes are not some things are not related but for a game geography for a runner game there's no geography keywords but there are keywords for problems people have they might be bored they might get a quick 5 minute game they might need a break they might have a need a 10 minute game something that they can do now there's solutions and for you the exercises in every column I'm giving you a head start your exercise is to finish or if your app is not exactly this your exercise is to just copy over the columns the column names and get find the keywords that are relevant for you so just work from this example and just do what's relevant for you anyway let's keep let's keep going so solutions people have our common sources of keywords fun entertaining thrilling nice graphics okay those are things people want also the essence of the app is really important because that's what people really want you have a runner game and they are searching for a runner game that's gonna be a fantastic lead because that's what they want so those are some important keywords now for example if your graphics are about animals okay the animals are keywords if your pandas with the pen the key word because people want that so the keywords that describe the essence of your app what it really is are really important because they're gonna be some of the most highly converting traffic and of course there are some that are you know secret single-player multiplayer arcade adventure whatever sometimes your customers will refer to things differently then you will so maybe they'll call it a run game maybe easy game quick game some people might even say brainless game like you would never think of your game that way but some people will say that sometimes when you talk to your customers that's a really good source of keywords because you'll notice you listen to them they're not going to know that you're listening for the key words but in a customer customer conversation you can pick out like people say I just want a game where I don't have to think I'm tired at night I just want a game where I don't have to think oh don't have to think mmm people want that people will also taught to tell you all people want eat games that are easy to start or there's no in-app purchase and you kind of put it in the back of your mind then you write it down somewhere and add it to your list of keywords the next source of keywords are specific tools and most people by the way all they think of most first-time app marketers all they think of are the tools they're like oh I'm just gonna use a penny or SEM rush or sensor tower those are the common ones for keywords and but notice how I'm giving you a lot of outside-the-box ways to get keywords and the tools are just one idea one source of keywords see how my approach is very very holistic here and so the tools will give you additional ideas you write down the ideas here I just rolled down the tools so that you can go on your own and do the research there are competitor keywords that you literally I went for to get this column competitor keywords I literally went to another app listing and I saw what keywords they're using I'll show you here is a popular subway surfers game and look boom right away so easy you see that - dodge and you can even do you can even take more of their keywords and you can browse more similar apps and just get keywords and they're using you don't have to use those keywords but this is just for keyword ideas the next source of keywords are autocomplete and related searches I'll show you how to get those for autocomplete like you just really you know running games like and it will show run tracker well that's not what you want but let's say we want running games and they show off free for kids you see so they give you a lot of ideas that we might not necessarily have had and sometimes off for kids and they give you different kinds of searches if this is not enough you go to Google and you see this is Google and I searched for runner game app and look at the bottom they give additional ideas and so I got this keyword endless right there I put that keyword here endless uh-huh sometimes people search for abbreviations like city names sometimes San Francisco as SF or California State is Cali so you don't have to have this for games but and sometimes customers qualify themselves for kids for women for adults for young kids for all their kids for teenagers whatever and then of course you wanna go through this Orascom and all of the keywords you found here all of the keywords run them through a thesaurus and see if the thesaurus gives you additional keywords for example probably in this particular case jogging is not a good keyword it's not a good synonym but it's a synonym nonetheless but if you but if if in case some P some large polish portion of people are searching for jogging and you didn't have that in your app then you've been missing out on all those people who are searching for that in this case and I don't think many people are but just in case they would right away you'd get ideas for additional keywords that you never know some of these keywords might have good search demand and you'd be immediately getting given yourself higher potential so please for your app use this worksheet use this sort of similar style and collect a large number of your own keywords and then in the future we're gonna use these keywords for your for creating your app listing for many many things so this is going to be extremely useful so this is really setting you up for success.

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