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Photo and social apps thoughts

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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hey guys how are you this is going to be a great video because as you know I've got some mobile apps and I did coaching people with mobile apps and how to promote theirs and a lot of people they come to me with very specific mobile app ideas and these ideas are social apps and photo apps right very very common apps and the conversation that I have with people is very similar and I just wanted to make a video because it's like the same conversation right it should be recorded and then so the challenge is your app is a photo app how many photo apps are there a lot same with social apps right and if this was the year 2010 or 9 or 11 we would have a different conversation but today there are billion-dollar apps out there right like Instagram it's really hard because these social apps the way they often work is they have to get some kind of ranking in the App Store's because some people will find them originally right once you go find them because they're social people we'll share them and you'll get the next row sharing and growth but it's neat it means that initial set of users right and you can get that set of users from publicity not easy today and right before this was the year 2010 things would be very different because back then new photo apps were like oh my god it was a thing it was amazing how it's like wow another one is so boring right then why I'm gonna change the ecosystem has really changed the consumer perspectives have really changed so it's harder to university now it's harder to rank now so to grow these apps is really hard now right and that's the conversation the how people's like do you have the question I have and the question that I really want you guys to answer even before we start making this kind of an app even before the first line of code is written the question that I need to make sure that you are able to answer is do you have a unique way to promote it because if you don't it's gonna be very difficult you know I I wish I have that I wish I had the answer but you know I don't that is the answer that when you're building the app something in the app maybe it's kind of some kind of a niche within photos, some kind of a niche within it being social that gives it like a little bit of an opening at differentiation and uniqueness that people will flock to it and you know maybe so that's up to you to solve right if you come to someone like me and you like you'll have that there's not much I can do unless I can we can refigure out your entire app but if you already do the apples to wait for it so this kind of stuff has to happen at the concert like the conceptualizing level so it's very important otherwise you could just be headed for a fail even before you started writing that right so.

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