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How to build in virality to your mobile app

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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hi there so let's talk about some basic tips for how to increase the virality of your app which essentially means to get people to share the app once they get it right so from the inside of your app from how people are using it always think about which features you can make or which features you already have that can become better when used with friends I'll give you a couple of examples take for example my business apps so I have a business planning app business planning app isn't social it's almost not social at all right but sometimes people have business partners and what I did is I enable people to invite their business partner to edit the business plan and Share the business plan with the business partners so the business partner can edit the business plan from their phone and the original person can share the business plan from their phone because the business plan is hosted in the cloud right and this is fine and this helps me a little bit but they only invite one person's not that many rights what better is the words with friends example right you know the famous game words with friends what people are playing a game or it can be anything maybe it's a chess game or anything you played with a partner right what happens it's a turn-based game and what happens when you're waiting for your turn you are bored right so you invite another friend you have two games going out that persons will be waiting for their turn you invite another friend one person can invite 50 hundred hundreds of people especially over time you think it hooked on your game and playing all the time and that's awesome because you know it's hard to get downloads right but if you can get downloads virally like this like one person by the inviting many many many people that's amazing right because then so many people can generate a lot of money from you from one download and then actually a lot of paid Malaysian strategies open up because your app becomes so profitable we'll talk about that later okay and another thing you want to do is give incentive for sharing so if people need points bonuses whatever it is in your app extra feature is paid features just exchange that gives them that instead of it in exchange for them posting on Facebook posting your game on Facebook or posting your share in your game on Twitter or something like that or happens you know whatever your app is it so that's what you want to do these are the strategies to make your app more viral make it more fun with friends or give incentive.

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