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Nifty YouTube growth hack for mobile apps

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December 16, 2019

This course is brought to you by Appy Pie as part of our Academy series hey guys how are you I want to show you a really nifty growth hack for your app on YouTube and it's everybody understands that it's really important to promote your app on YouTube but few kinds of apps have a chance to do so why because many of the niches on YouTube are really crowded and it's not like you know you're working in your app it's not like you're gonna go and start your whole YouTube channel and put a huge effort to that so if you are good for you but almost no one has those resources because it's a real big shift to your business in a way so let me show you a really cool growth hack right so you see that Android allows you to put a video here and this video I put it as I put it up a couple of years ago maybe a year and a half or something like that and you can see I'm going to show you how it appears this is it on YouTube and you can see that it has like nearly 40 thousand views yeah it's two years ago so and what happens is this is the video because views and engagement are such important rankings in YouTube right you can actually so you can grow your views right from that landing page of your app on Android right but you can see that this video of mine is a very unprofessional one and it's very ugly so this probably I'm sure it gets very terrible engagement rate which is a kind of a mistake of mine I should have made a better video by now and it's probably no excuse because it's been two years right this is right when the app launched my original app launched and maybe a couple of months later I made a video umm the app has changed almost everything has changed the video is still there so the video doesn't get good engaged so that's why it isn't number one but it certainly has a lot of views which are a really good ranking factor on YouTube so what you can do is bump your views by making a really nice big intro video for your app that people actually watch you know it make it like you know about two minutes no more than three minutes because then it's like because people are on a mobile their session lengths are very short so they'll click off and if they click off if they stop the video before you know they get pretty far it's like a negative engagement signal to it to YouTube so make the video relatively short so that they're able to finish it and without you know feeling like anxious to leave the video because the attention span there is a little different than on desktops and things like that but you see how but and they really need to think that really happens if you get this right so you make a good video you give it views it ranks on YouTube and then guesses what from this video you see how I point from this video, this video starts promoting oops sorry I clicked on the Jackson so this video you see it starts promoting this is the video it starts promoting my site from YouTube right this is the gem here not to mention by the way I make a few bucks a month on the ads on the YouTube ads I think I make like ten dollars a month but that's negligible although I like that to have ten bucks but but that's not really the goal here the goal here is that you get you make this video and the video starts promoting you you see that and then you get traffic from it to your site to your apps so that way you actually get YouTube if it's it's like you don't do you don't have to do almost any extra work and then you get like a video that grows naturally in YouTube um it helps to convert your people who are visiting your apps page but also you know so it helps that conversion but also it helps to drive people to your site on your apps so it's kind of like it works both ways right you guys get it to give it a try and also see how I opt amazing for the keyword that I want because of the business it's in the app is the business planning app so I have this business planning app if I had made a better video because the video is really terrible yeah it's it's truly terrible video compared to all the other ones I mean it's dark and it's like it's too little it was very amateur and it was my first was one of my first videos ever but if the video had been any better it would be rent you probably would have been ranking really well and yeah so that's what you gotta.

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