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What Is Public Relations For Branding

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February 27, 2021

Video Transcription: There are a few confusing concepts and terms around publicity for branding direct marketing this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy let's Deacon fuse this and yes I made a word D confuse it's my own and that's why it's not very good anyway so when you're doing direct marketing direct sales you're directly saying go and buy my product notice that that actually builds your brand as well because you get revenue of course people buy your product you say hey buy my nike shoes now 50% off right now sale ends tomorrow you're building your brand because people are gonna use your products but it's direct revenue people are gonna buy right away as opposed to branding is saying like a bill seeing like a billboard saying hey Nike is awesome or just do it and it reminds you of their logo reminds me of like maybe an image that night your presents like athleticism it has a picture of a cool athlete but it doesn't say like bye now so it's just a reminder hey we're awesome we're Nike we're awesome so if you are a small business most likely obviously you want direct marketing you need revenue because without revenue the business will just go out of business for small businesses direct sales is almost always first but branding is also something to keep an eye on now publicity does both imagine if you are a guest on a podcast they interview you that builds your brand branding at the end of the episode you can also say hey by the way come and get my book I just launched my book or my course for my coaching program or whatever it is that your business sells you can promote it so there's a combination of sales and building awareness when you get publicity now let's talk about some pros and cons when you get publicity let's say in a large publication in a magazine on a big podcast something like that you can reach thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of people and that's branding that brands you quite a bit in fact in my own experience.

I've had people that tell me like five years ago I heard you on this podcast and I've known about you for a long but I only bought your products now so guess what that podcast even though I didn't tell that person back then that was my branding and I have built awareness it made that person more likely to buy now because they're so aware of me I they have a slight relationship with me for a few years now even though I don't know them but they know about me and it builds trust a little bit it's not a cold sale that's branding that publicity gives you but the problem is that is not as easy to sell because when you reach millions of people who are let's say listening to a podcast or they're driving and they're hearing you on the radio or wherever you know they can be doing anything else let's say you're selling some widget they're busy that they're going on about their daily life they're not shopping right now they might make a mental note hey I'm gonna check out this guy's work but guess what happens to mental notes they go into the mental garbage can they get forgotten by almost everyone so the sales are very small in proportion to the number of people you reach but because the number of people you can reach is so huge some sales do happen and you get that best of both worlds where you create that long-term branding for yourself were years from now somebody might buy from you but you also get some sales now so it's the best of both worlds and that's the power of publicity

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