Setting the about section of Facebook Page

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October 07, 2020

I: Introduction

Social media marketing is a type of marketing that involves promoting and selling of products and services using microblogging, social bookmarking and other social networking sites. It is a more contemporary way of doing marketing online and more interactive than conventional web pages. This kind of marketing has become popular in recent years because it has proved to be more effective than conventional marketing. It is not only the best method of marketing on the internet but also one of the cheapest.

II: Body

This type of marketing has several advantages over conventional online marketing. One major advantage is that it can be used by companies and business firms that do not have a lot of money to hire a big advertising agency and pay for huge media campaigns. This type of marketing is also very effective in attracting more traffic to your site and converting the traffic into customers. It is also cost effective since you can save money by doing it yourself rather than hiring professionals to do it for you.

III: Conclusion

In conclusion, social media marketing has several advantages over conventional online marketing. It can be used by anyone, regardless of their budget. The essence of social media marketing lies in building connections, sharing information and giving away free things to attract users to your site which will make them potential customers.

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