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All the benefits of social media automation

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July 03, 2020

Video Transcription: In this video I want to run through all the benefits of social media and social automation to give you the full scope of what you can get out of it of course if you automate it it saves you time of course this video is brought to you by Appy Pie’s Academy but you can also sell products directly from social media it isn't easy it really isn't easy but it's possible you can also get a lot of new followers if you do the right things like paying attention to hashtags and eventually dominating hashtags and you can not only can you get new followers that eventually become customers but you can re-engage your existing followers to get to get them to become customers as well and arguably it's easier and more prudent to re-engage the current customers because they already know you they already trust you there's already reason they why they follow you so it's easier to get them on board and to sell to them and of course from social media you get you want to get equal to follow you on social media but then you want to follow them from that to your website because from there you can get them on to your email list to buy products directly or then you can cookie their browser so that you can run ad retargeting and continuously keep on bringing them back and getting them reengaged with your products so if they don't buy for them from the first time they visit they will buy eventually when your ad buzzes them enough to get them back to your site and re-engaged and of course lastly and really importantly so extra social sharing helps boost your website and maybe your even your YouTube videos ranking in Google search and in YouTube search you can actually get traffic it boosts you it boosts your traffic indirectly by boosting your ranking and the last point is really important I really want you to think about it understand it because I use it for actually mostly for that purpose because if you can boost your ranking for your pages for your YouTube videos then you can get more traffic to all of them so these are all the benefits of social media and automation.

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